Every 4TUNA subscription comes with a limited number of connections for PowerBI. And every connection is managed by an access key generated from 4TUNA.

You can use 1 access key to set up 1 PowerBI applications, and later share access to the information by inviting other coworkers to the workspace generated by the application. 

Consider that every access key is limited to 1 connection per hour, meaning that the application will be able to refresh data once every hour. If you require a greater refresh frequency, feel free to contact our sales team to upgrade your account.

Pre requisites:

  • Your 4TUNA subscription needs to include PowerBI access keys.
  • Check that your user has Administrator access to 4TUNA.
  • You will need a PowerBI Pro account (this account could be different from the one you use to access 4TUNA).

Step by step:

Create an Access Key

  1. Login to 4TUNA and go to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Select PowerBI and go to Access; then clic on Create Access.
  3. By default, your preferred Site would be added to the Permissions list, you can delete it, or add other Sites, Plants or Departments to limit permissions for this Access Key. In case you leave the Permission tab in blank, the Access Key will have access to all your organization information.
  4. Clic on Save, and copy the generated Access Key.

Install the 4TUNA PowerBI application

  1. Login to PowerBI.
  2. Go to the Applications section and clic on Get Applications.
  3. On the search field type "4tuna".
  4. Confirm the installation of the 4TUNA app and wait until PowerBI completes the process.
  5. Clic on Connect Data, and on the form fill up your Organization and your Access Key.
  6. Clic on Connect, and confirm any additional form that might appear fro PowerBI. 
  7. Wait a couple of minutes until PowerBI retrieves all the information.
  8. You can verify the status of the connection on the History, inside the Dataset settings.
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